Ahmet Turkum

ahmet turkumAhmet Turkum is a currently a Head of Environmental Management and Inspection Division for the Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. In prior experiences, he has also worked as Head of Environmental Inspection and Permitting Division, as well as the lead environmental inspector, for the same provincial directorate.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, and went on to earn two different master’s degree. The first master’s degree was also in Environmental Engineering, from the Middle East Technical University, where he wrote a thesis on the Investigation of the relationship between aerosol and rainwater composition. The second master’s degree from the same university was in Environmental Management, where he wrote a thesis on Integrated permitting system in Turkey as compared with the United Kingdom.

To his colleagues, Ahmet demonstrates a strong commitment and expertise in whatever project he is in working on. Many people that work for Ahmet describe him in almost the same three words – innovation, respect, and leadership – which shows how much Ahmet is respected in and out of the workplace.

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