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Ted Nyaima

Name: Ted Nyaima

Country: Kenya

Organization: Human Needs Project

Title: Town Centre Manager – Marketing

Dick and Carolyn Beahrs Fellow



Ted Nyaima currently works as Town Centre Manager of Marketing for Human Needs Project, an international NGO dedicated to community empowerment through innovative and sustainable solutions. As Town Centre Manager, Ted is responsible for market research, event management, creating brand awareness for Kibera Town Center (KTC), and promotion of KTC services on social media. Through his work, Ted aspires to address the issues of poor waste disposal, poor handling and distribution of water, and air pollution tied to unfriendly cooking methods. By attending the Beahrs ELP, Ted will have the opportunity to promote understanding of technological advancement as a solution for better living standards in informal settlements.

Shaffi Ramadhan

Name: Shaffi Ramadhan

Country: Kenya

Organization: Human Needs Project

Title: ICT Assets Supervisor

Dick and Carolyn Beahrs Fellow



Shaffi Ramadhan currently works as an ICT Assets Supervisor for Human Needs Project, an international NGO dedicated to creating sustainable, holistic human needs centers within slum areas to help eradicate poverty and improve the environmental, health, and living standards for the community. As ICT Assets Supervisor, Shaffi is responsible for monitoring, maintaining, issuing, and procuring the ICT assets of his organization. In his work, Shaffi aspires to tackle environmental challenges as he promotes education and empowerment in developing communities. By attending the Beahrs ELP, Shaffi hopes to acquire skills to better educate communities on health, efficient energy consumption, and garbage collection and maintenance.

S. M. Abdul-Awal

Name: S. M. Abdul-Awal

Country: Bangladesh

Organization: Khulna University

Title: Associate Professor



S.M Abdul-Awal earned his Ph.D. in Plant Sciences from University of Cambridge. He currently works as an associate professor at Khulna University, whose mission is to create a transformative educational experience for students, focusing on poverty eradication, food and nutritional security, environmental sustainability, socio-economic well-being, and climate resilient development. He is currently working on two main projects. The first project is concerned with providing safe drinking water to the rural people in the southern area of Bangladesh by applying biotechnological principles and tools, and the second project involves providing composite fertilizer to farmers so they can grow their crops in an environmentally-friendly manner. Through his work, S.M. aspires to foster creative learning, entrepreneurship, and inquisitiveness among students based on moral values, professional ethics, and social responsibilities.

Olufunmilayo Adeniyi

Name: Olufunmilayo Adeniyi

Country: Nigeria

Organization: Ajegunle Community Project

Title: Program Officer



Olufunmilayo Adeniyi earned her Masters in Law (General Legal Studies) from Georgetown University Law Center. She currently works as program officer for Ajegunle Community Project, an NGO dedicated to driving the development process. As program officer, Olufunmilayo is responsible for developing and implementing environmental strategies and action plans that aim for ensuring corporate sustainable development, carrying out impact assessment, and conducting research on environmental issues like proper hygiene and pollution. In her work, Olufunmilayo is challenged by the lack of environmental sanitation that makes women and children vulnerable to diseases. Olunfunmilayo aspires to utilize children as agents of change to sensitize their parents on proper hygiene and proper waste disposal in households.

Gina Zheng

Name: Gina Zheng

Country: Australia

Organization: Neoen

Title: Research and Development Officer



Gina Zheng is a student working towards a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies at The Australian National University; some of her academic interests include climate adaptation, development policy, and legal and social policy reform. She currently works as a research and development officer for Neoen, a global renewable energy company. As a research and development officer, Gina is responsible for undertaking market research on the climate and renewable energy sector, engaging with stakeholders, and coordinating with communities. Additionally, she is undertaking a clinical placement with the Environmental Defender’s Office and writing a research paper on effective community engagement in the development of renewable energy. By attending the Beahrs ELP, Gina hopes to widen her approach to effectuating social policy change.

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