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Victor Grande

Employer: Social Capital Group

Current Title:  Manager of Social and Environmental Issues

Teresita Amezcua

Organization: AO Consultores S.C.

Title: Consultant on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Professional expertise and interests, and work history:

Since the beginning of college/university I had been interested in sustainable development and in small-scale animal production. I worked at the Environmental and Sustainable Development Research Program at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where we carried out interdisciplinary and participatory research on environmental topics such as deforestation, sustainable forestry, and poverty-environment linkages, among others.  I also worked at the “National Institute of Nutrition S. Z.” doing research in animal nutrition, focusing in non-conventional feeds for domestic animals, sylvopastoral systems, and wildlife conservation. I’ve participated in some projects about wildlife management and conservation, biodiversity, PES, sylvopastoral systems, public policy for environment and poverty, and new agricultural land use policy in Mexico.

Current work activities:

At the moment I am working at a consultant firm, helping businesses in their quest for corporate social responsibility.

I am also working in sustainable small animal production projects with low-income farmers in the countryside of Mexico.

Educational and training background:

I trained as a Veterinarian and did a master’s degree in animal production and health sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. I have taken some certified courses about environmental management and sustainability; lately I specialized in the use and management of digital information in the area of biological sciences. Now I am specializing in corporate social responsibility.

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