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Ayouba Abdou Sani

Name: Ayouba Abdou Sani

Country: Niger

Organization: Young Volunteer for Environment

Title: Co-Founder and Executive Director



Ayouba Abdou Sani currently works as executive director of Young Volunteer for Environment, whose mission is to develop leadership and eco-citizenship in young people to promote sustainable community development. Young Volunteer for Environment is grounded on values of volunteering, responsibility, ecological integrity, justice, equity, and diversity. Young Volunteer for Environment aims to promote the spirit of volunteerism and sustainable development by involving all social strata in the protection of the environment. Through his work, Ayouba Abdou Sani hopes to see a world where young people are at the forefront of sustainable development.

Camila Horiye Rodrigues

Name: Camila Horiye Rodrigues
Organization: Instituto Centro de Vida
Title: Sustainability of Smallholders Program Management

I graduated with a degree in Forestry in 2007, and as a student I always tried to bring sociological approaches to my studies. During this period I was very much linked to social movements, through internships and research projects related to Land Reform and Agroecology.

Also in 2007 I started working with the Instituto Centro de Vida ( in Mato Grosso. The idea of taking a position as a field worker in a settlement in the Amazon seemed a challenge that would bring me a different and useful form of learning. During this project I developed my abilities in community organization and planning. In 2009 I began the coordination and implementation of a project in the Upper Paraguay River Basin, the Savana region. This work consisted of restoration of degraded areas through agroforestry methods in three settlements in the region. In addition to individual actions for each project was joint work with other regional organizations that work with smallholders in order to discuss and plan actions in a larger scale.

Currently I coordinate the program that works with smallholders in the ICV. Our mission is to seek sustainability of smallholders farming in Mato Grosso, through an agroecological approach. My activities are related to the elaboration of new proposals, project and team management, discussing and proposing public policies, and building strategies and partnerships aimed at strengthening the smallholders of the state. My passion is working with community development which enables me to give my contribution to this world.

Jagadish Kuikel

Name: Jagadish Kuikel

Country: Nepal

Organization: WWF-Nepal

Title: Livelihood Specialist



Jagadish completed his Master’s degree in Agriculture Science and has more than 10 years of working experience in different national and international organizations. Currently, Jagadish is working at WWF-Nepal as a livelihood specialist for the promotion of rural livelihoods. WWF-Nepal works to conserve flagship and priority species, forests, freshwater, and to mitigate the pervasive threat of climate change to communities, species and their habitats. Sustainable livelihoods are a major cross cutting theme with the objective of increasing the income from sustainable sources of livelihoods from forest dependent communities. He is planning to work in conservation and economic growth. He wants to gain knowledge for planning and effective implementation of the projects to his present goal of enhancing the living standards of disadvantaged groups in an economically viable and sustainable manner.

Harshad Karandikar

Name: Harshad Karandikar

Country: India

Organization: WWF-India

Title: Senior Coordinator – Human Wildlife Conflict Management



Harshad leads WWF-India’s Human Wildlife Conflict management interventions across 10 priority landscapes in India, specifically focusing on Human Elephant and Human Tiger Conflict in key wildlife habitats in the country. I have completed my MBA in 2010, and have cross-functional experience across non-profits, the corporate sector and Government of India. WWF-India, part of the global WWF family, is a non-governmental organization working on wildlife conservation and broader environmental issues. Its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. Over the next 2-3 years, Harshad would like to achieve fundamental changes in the way Human Wildlife Conflict is addressed in their areas of work, by transforming WWF-India’s Human Wildlife Conflict initiatives from charity-based models to community-managed solutions that are inherently replicable and scalable.

Muhammad Ismail

Name: Muhammad Ismail

Country: Pakistan

Organization: Doyan Valley Conservation and Development Organization

Title: Director Marketing & Fund Raising



Muhammad completed his MBA in Project Management with various courses on conservation and Susatainable Resource Use. He has 16 years of experience working with the World Bank and WWF. He is currently working as Director Marketing & Fund Raising for Doyan Valley Conservation & Development Organization (DVCDO) and Monitoring and Evaluation Expert in M&R Consulting. DVCDO was establishd in 2004, is a representative NGO of 470 HHs, and has been conserving natural resources since 1999. The valley is a declared Community Managed Conservation Area in Gilgit-Baltistan, North of Pakistan. Its main thematic areas include conservation, environmental awareness, social development and poverty alleviation.

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