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Nujpanit Narkpitaks

Name: Nujpanit Narkpitaks (Jom)

Country: Thailand

Organization: United Nations Environment Programme, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Programme: Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP), OzonAction Programme


I have been working with UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) OzonAction for more than 3 years. My main duty is to assist the team in planning and implementing the communication strategy and awareness raising activities to raise public awareness on ozone layer protection as well as its linkage with climate change in Asia and the Pacific region. It has always been a challenge outreaching a complex issue such as ozone layer depletion to the general public and calling for action. I’m very interested to learn the best practices from Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program in this regard and would like to seek other participants’ view and opinion about the best ways to pursue this goal.

My current work activities include:

  • Develop and assist countries in Asia and the Pacific region in implementing the Strategic Action Plan for the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities to raise public awareness on ozone layer protection and its linkages with climate change. This plan has become part of the UNEP DTIE OzonAction Global Communication strategy for the year 2010-2015;
  • Coordinate with 38 national focal points in Asia and the Pacific region, as well as other implementing agencies and other stakeholders including UNDP, Would Bank, UNIDO, GTZ Proklima and industry for the implementation of the IEC strategic action plan and provide communication-related support
  • Prepare concept notes, briefings and analytical documents as part of the preparation of regional awareness activities, meetings and workshops, and finalize all reports;
  • Serve as UNEP focal point and liaise with UNEP programme officers to provide information and instructions to all network countries in the region, making sure that information and instructions are suitable for each country’s national context and needs;
  • Prepare content for UNEP DTIE OzonAction website as well as the programme’s social media accounts and forums, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.
  • Represent UNEP Ozone team in governmental and UN working groups to support implementation of the IEC Strategic Action Plan for Asia and the Pacific region as well as make presentations about the status of the work plan and advise future actions/activities to the network countries;
  • Prepare press releases and background information for media and participants for regional awareness events, meetings and workshops;
  • Facilitate the development of UNEP Ozone team’s publications/products, organize the launch of the products and disseminate them to related UN agencies, governmental bodies and concerned organizations in the network countries;

Educational Background: I majored in French and studied English, linguistics and civilization during my bachelor’s degree at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. I pursued a Master’s Degree in International Studies and Diplomacy at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in the United Kingdom where I studied International Relations, International Economics and Diplomacy.

Tianlan Ma

Name: Tianlan Ma
Country: China
Organization: Xiamen Greencross Association
Title: Director-General

Professional expertise, interests and work history:
I work as the Director-General of Xiamen Green Cross Association (XMGCA), and also as founder and sponsor of XMGCA. I am also the executive director of Xiamen environmental science association, a member of Fujian lifelong education association environmental council, a consultant of Xiamen Society for the prevention of cruelty of animals (spca), a consultant of Shishi youth volunteer association, The “Green Commuting network” Project Consultant of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and a coordinator of Friends of Nature (FON) in Fujian province. I am also a lifelong membership of FON, a member of China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), a member of the All-China Environment Federation (ACEF), and a member of IUCN.

I have Interests in Nonprofit Organization Management, Sustainable Environmental Management and other topics such as: Climatic Change, Low Carbon Economy, Garbage Classification, Water Resources Conservation, Energy Saving, Education For Sustainable Development, etc.
I have been working as a senior lecturer and advanced consultant in a management consulting company in Xiamen. I was also offered an appointment at Xiamen Jimei University as concurrent post associate professor, and at Fujian agriculture and forestry university as a concurrent post professor.

Current work activities
I carry out a series of activities to influence the Julongjiang river Drainage basin management policy. I work with collaboration partners including the World Bank, Friends of the earth Hong Kong, and local partners, etc. I also work on the development of the Sustainable Transport Collaboration with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), etc. Finally, I work on the China Environmental Rights Protection Manual project in collaboration with the Denish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) and the China University of political science & law of Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims (CLAPV).

Michael Sarill

Name: Michael Sarill

Country: USA

Organization: EcoWild Conservation

Title: Director



Michael completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2006 and his early career was in digital. His deep passions are around wildlife conservation, conservation biology and ecological restoration. He built a cause-based wildlife game and is working on the next product as part of an environmental non-profit focusing on issues of wildlife conservation and restoration. EcoWild Conservation will focus on solutions related to ecological restoration, ecologically friendly business practices and human-wildlife conflicts. Michael believes these problems have solutions if we are creative about finding paths forward. Beyond the wildlife game, Michael is actively working on the next product/project and has set up a broader website communicating the larger vision. Michael’s goals include solving problems related to human-wildlife conflict and offering citizens compelling opportunities to live in harmony with nature.

Chiara Manghetti

Name: Chiara Manghetti

Country: Italy

Organization: Lipu-Birdlife Italy

Title: Environmental education and training manager

Specialty: Environmental Education and Communication



Chiara Manghetti currently works as the Manager of Environmental Education and Training for Lipu-BirdLife Italy. Lipu is the third largest environmental organization in Italy, specializing in the protection of birds, and is the only Italian partner of the BirdLife International network. Combining communication skills, education methods, and sociology knowledge, Chiara develops the education and training strategies for Lipu’s 100 local branches, 32 natural reserves, 12 wildlife rescue centers, and for the 30,000 members and donors.

Chiara’s work focuses on active youth involvement in environmental issues, citizen science programs related to climate change, children’s rights to live in a greener environment, and lifelong learning.

Working on these themes, she works with both Italian policy makers and institutional partners (Italian Ministry of Youth, Italian Ministry of Education, Italian Ministry of Environment), and also with national media and European youth and environmental organizations. She teaches and organizes training workshops for universities, the Italian Forestry Police, youth organizations, and BirdLife Europe, regarding topics such as outdoor education, project management, environmental communication, nature interpretation, and storytelling.

Before Lipu, she worked for many natural reserves as an environmental education consultant and for different zoos in Italy (she actually thinks that zoos are a really great place to understand people!). She also worked as an intern at the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY.

Chiara has a bachelor’s degree from Rome’s La Sapienza University in Natural History and Conservation Biology, a master’s degree in Scientific Communication and Journalism from University of Ferrara, a postgraduate degree specializing in General Education, two certifications from the Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP) of University of Wisconsin with Steven Point (Strategic Planning Training Course and Evaluation of Environmental Education Project), and she participated at the Conservation Education Training (Professional Development Program) organized by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) in partnership with George Mason University. Besides the educational background and institutional training, she believes that talking with different people and reading all kinds of things are a tremendous source of new ideas and knowledge.

Chiara madly loves her husband, Fabrizio (who has adopted 10 special pets… among them a 3 meter long Boa constrictor!), and their two children, Tommaso, 7, a future palaeontologist and a huge Hobbit fan, and Alice, 4, a future Lady Gaga.

Harutyun Gevorgyan

Name: Harutyun Gevorgyan

Country: Armenia

Organization: UNDP Armenia and Armenian National Agrarian University

Title: Agricultural Specialist/Planner, and Lecturer

Specialty: Leadership in Economics and Extension Education



Harutyun’s professional expertise is within the Agriculture Extension Education, leadership and sustainable agriculture. His main area of interest broadly covers general agriculture, leadership in Agriculture, communication and extension education. More specifically, he is interested in the development of adult and extension education, as well as women’s leadership in agriculture.

Harutyun has worked as a Lecturer at the Department of Agrarian Policy and Consultation at the Armenian National Agrarian University. He teaches a course called Organization of Extension Activities for the undergraduate and graduate students. He is a lead specialist of the department of Agro-extension. Besides teaching, he has implemented several grant projects for rural population of Armenia, financed by more than 20 international organizations, associated with rural development and organic agriculture such as the USDA, World Bank, NATO SfP, Counterpart International, World Vision etc. At the same time, he is an Agricultural Specialist/Planner at UNDP Armenia and working in development planning of participatory integrated community development plans for 45 bordering communities with consideration of socio-economic and environmental issues, including disaster risk reduction, and after planning developing agriculture and agro processing: sector specific capacity building units in rural communities, e.g. construction of small greenhouses, establishment/improvement of orchards/vineyards, and establishment of collection centers, etc.

During his professional development he took qualifications in different countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Georgia, The Netherlands, and USA. His main focus was Agriculture Extension, Sustainable Agriculture, Water Resources Management, ecological problems, leadership and crises negotiation, empowering women in Agriculture, etc. In 2013, he became a Hubert Humphrey fellow at Cornell University, USA, to develop his professional background of leadership in extension and economics. His scientific articles are used at Cornell University as official references to graduate students. In 2014, he found an affiliation in the US Department of Agriculture in Washington DC, working within the US Tribal Colleges Extension Education program.

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