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Natalia Popova

Name: Natalia Popova

Country: Russian Federation

Organization: St. Petersburg State University

Title: Head, Environmental Office



Natalia Popova earned her Ph.D. in Biology from St. Petersburg State University, where she currently works as head of the environmental office. As head of the environmental office, Natalia is responsible for promoting environmental safety, risk management, the implementation of green initiatives, and environmental education. Natalia is the project lead for the “Separate Waste Collection” program, which promotes the separation of municipal solid waste and advocates for increased recycling on the University’s teaching grounds.Through her work, Natalia aims to introduce separate waste collective to the whole University, making it equal to mandatory and voluntary action. Ultimately, she aspires to influence the city system, showing the possibility of introducing separate waste collection at the city level.

Sanaullah Khan

Name: Sanaullah Khan

Country: Pakistan

Organization: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Title: Technical Deputy Director



Sana completed his MSc in Geology in 1989 and his MA in Economics in 2001 from University of Karachi, Pakistan. He also completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management Towards a Sustainable Development from Maastricht School of Management (MsM). He is a Deputy Director at EPA. EPA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was established in 1989 and is working to implement the Environmental Protection Act, 2014, providing for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment, for the prevention and control of pollution, and promotion of sustainable development in the Province. In the future, Sana hopes to establish a model Marble City having common treatment facilities in the Province and establish a cost effective and efficient system for the utilization of marble slurry discharged at one large marble cluster (Buner). This facility will be replicated at other clusters through awareness and training.

Annal Dhungana

Name: Annal Dhungana

Country: Nepal

Organization: Center for Climate and Environment Research

Title: Researcher



Annal is an Environmental Science graduate from Nepal, determined to be a career professional in Natural Resources Management (NRM), finding winning ideas and interventions to create harmony in the Human – Nature – Economics nexus. He has multi-tasking and multi-subject experience within the domain of the environment. The Center for Climate and Environment Research (CCER) is a research institute established in 2014 by the interdisciplinary team dedicated to understanding the problems in our environment and its potential solutions. The institute is built on a foundation of scientific excellence and interdisciplinary perspective in the field of agriculture, environment and climate change. After years of working, Annal realized the importance of action research in NRM integrating the future Climate Change Scenario, and started CCER, his current affiliation and dream, “CCER, an environment and climate research hub for South Asia.”

Bishawjit Mallick

Name: Bishawjit Mallick

Country: Bangladesh

Organization: Vanderbilt University

Title: Foreign Research Fellow

Specialty: Disaster Risk Reduction, Environmental Migration



Bishawjit Mallick holds a Research Associate and Lecturer position at the Institute for Regional Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany and also works as Foreign Research Fellow at Vanderbilt University, USA. He has long-standing research experience in Bangladesh and is an expert in environmentally-induced migration, social vulnerability and disaster risk-management. His present research includes disaster resilient societies, migration-poverty-adaptation nexus, and community resilience building through spatial planning.

Marjana Chowdhury

Name: Marjana Chowdhury

Country: Bangladesh

Organization: UNDP

Title: Programme & Monitoring Officer

Specialty: Disaster Management, WASH, Livelihood Recovery



I have years of professional work experience with the United Nations (UN) and other International Organization in the areas of environmental management, disaster management, rural development and capacity building, and I am currently working as the Program & Monitoring Officer for the Comprehensive Disaster Management Program (CDMP), a flagship initiative of UNDP Bangladesh and the Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief, Government of Bangladesh in the area of Disaster Management.

Since the initiation of my professional tenure, I played a proactive role in contributing to environmental mainstreaming, sustainable development and programming in Bangladesh and have deep interest in involving and working with the grass root people. I believe that environmental problems can best be addressed if local people are involved and there are direct community benefits and ownerships.

In my present role in UNDP, I am overseeing and managing CDMP’s rural and urban risk reduction portfolio – from program strategy to individual project concept and design to technical support to disaster management committees from local to national levels, and effective monitoring and evaluation of the projects.

Under the umbrella of CDMP and with the effective coordination and collaboration with the multiple ministries, departments and other relevant stakeholders, I substantially contributed in the capacity development of relevant local government, nongovernment and community based organizations (NGOs/CBOs) in the areas of Disaster Risk Reduction, integration of DRR/CCA (Climate Change Adaptation) into their regular programming, awareness and management.

I have completed a B.Sc. in Civil & Environmental Engineering and received a number of trainings in the areas of environment, sustainable development, livelihood recovery, community development, project management, and disaster preparedness and management. I am also undergoing a full time MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from the University of Dhaka, which is due to end in March 2015. I received a Dutch Fellowship under The Netherland Fellowship Programme to undertake a short course in “Decentralized Water Supply & Sanitation Practices” in 2007.

The issue of Sustainable Development is emerging in Bangladesh and there is limited human resource capacity in this area. By participating in the ELP, my knowledge and perspectives on environmental and natural resource science, policy, management, and leadership will improve, and I will be able to contribute to the process of sustainable development in my country in a more substantive manner.

The ELP will provide me a unique opportunity to interact with the best environmental experts, and learn from their experiences. As a Program Officer of CDMP, I am involved in the reviewing, development and screening of concepts and proposals. This exposure will enhance my capacity to apply the concepts of sustainable development into each and every concept and proposal.

I am confronted with various challenges, which come from the prevailing limited capacity of my implementation partners from within the ranks of the Civil Society Organization (CSOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and even the Bangladesh government. The ELP will enhance my leadership ability and communication skills to deal with such issues with a sound understanding.

Through exposure to innovative sustainability approaches and dialogue, I will be able to develop the tools and skills necessary to meet environmental goals that also reduce poverty and social conflicts.

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