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Joseph Roland Olinga Biwole

Name: Joseph Roland Olinga Biwole

Country: Cameroon

Organization: International Fund for Agricultural Development

Title: Country Program Officer



Joseph Roland Olinga Biwole earned his M.A. in International Relations from Tufts University. Currently, he works as country program officer for International Fund for Agricultural Development, which aims to eradicate rural poverty in developing countries. As country program officer, Joseph is responsible for administering loans and grants for agriculture and rural development in Cameroon, Central African Republic, and Gabon, providing inputs to IFAD’s operations, and participating in strategy, partnership building, policy development, and knowledge management. Through his work, Joseph aspires to enable policy and regulatory frameworks at national and international levels to strengthen the environmental sustainability and climate resilience of poor rural people’s economic activities. By attending the Beahrs ELP, Joseph hopes to gain capabilities to analyze environmental and sustainability issues to lead change.

Serge Nzali

Name: Serge Nzali

Country: Cameroon

Organization: University of Dschang

Title: Senior Lecturer of Environmental Sciences



Nzali completed a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry in 2000 and an MSc in Inorganic Chemistry in 2004. In 2007 he completed an MSc in Environmental Management and finally got his PhD in Environmental Chemistry in 2012. He is currently a Senior Lecturer of Environmental Sciences at the University of Dschang, School 0f Wood, Water and Natural Resources. The School of Wood, Water and Natural Resources is part of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences of the University of Dschang, an agricultural institution created in 1993. The School was created in 2009 for the training of engineers in the fields of wood, water and environmental sciences. Nzali hopes to strengthen his capacities in Environmental Leadership and Communication in order to undertake the extension of his project at the African level. This includes promoting sustainable alternatives to imported industrial pesticides, creating solutions for local agriculture, create jobs and generate cash.

Frederick Moleye

Name: Frederick Moleye

Country: Cameroon

Organization: University of Buea

Title: Crop Protection Specialist



Moleye completed his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology in 2003 and his Master’s degree in Crop Protection in 2013. Presently, he is a doctorate student in Botany. He is the head of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office at the University of Buea. The University of Buea was created in January 1993. It is a face-to-face institution that provides higher education within the context of national mandates of the Cameroonian government to promote the development of the nation and the progress of humanity. The University currently offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in several fields. In the future, Moleye hopes to be a Professional Human Resource Officer and also a qualified natural resource officer, considering that the University of Buea is located in one of the biodiversity hot spots of Cameroon. Moleye hopes to start some partnership between the University and some international conservation institutions like Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Fideline Mboringong

Name: Fideline Mboringong

Country: Cameroon

Organization: WWF

Title: Business and Extractive Policy Assistant



Fideline completed her BEd in Curriculum Studies and Teaching (Geography) in 2008 and a Master’s degree in International Cooperation (Environmental Management and Sustainable Development) in 2013. Her professional expertise broadly covers conservation, promotion of best practices in the extractive, agriculture and infrastructure sectors, and advocacy. Fideline currently works as Business and Extractive Policy Assistant for WWF-Cameroon.

WWF Cameroon is part of the WWF global Network, an International Nongovernmental Organization. Its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and create an environment where humans live in harmony with nature. Her goal in conservation is to support the emergence of a corporate sector that is engaged in sustainable investment through the promotion of environmental and social best practices.

Ebenezar Kutchambi Asaah

Name: Mr. Ebenezar Kutchambi Asaah
Country: Cameroon
Organization: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Title: Tree Scientist

Ebenezar Asaah is a tree scientist and one of the crusaders championing the domestication ‘gospel’ of indigenous underutilized species for home use and markets in tropical Africa. Currently based in Cameroon; he works for the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) West and Central Africa regional programme. He technically backstops tree domestication activities in tropical Africa – Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. Ebenezar also conducts induction and in-field training of farmers, technicians, extension agents, students and researchers and is also knowledgeable in project management. He has extensive field experience in areas of tree improvement, quality germplasm production, conservation, and dissemination for natural resource base renewal.
Ebenezar’s goal is to use and manage science for development to contribute to food security, poverty reduction and sustainable use and conservation of natural resources through enhancing the wider adoption and practice of agroforestry innovations among smallholder farmers and forest dwellers. These agroforestry innovations if practiced would yield three crucial outputs, namely: (i) useful, underutilized and marketable indigenous tree products for income generation, fuel, food and nutritional security/health and the enhancement of local livelihoods; (ii) complex agro-ecosystems which, when they are fully mature and functioning, resemble natural woodlands and forests; and (iii) linkages with culture through the food and other products of traditional importance to local people they produce.
Ebenezar was born January 16, 1968 in Ton Zang; a small village in Mbengwi Central Sub division of Momo division, North West region in the Republic of Cameroon. He completed primary education at Presbyterian School Azire, Mankon Bamenda, and secondary education at Cameroon Protestant College Bali all in the North West region of Cameroon. He obtained a bachelor of agriculture degree; option Crop Sciences at the University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria and a Maters of Science degree in Agricultural Biology with specialization in Plant Entomology at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. He is currently rounding up his thesis at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium. Ebenezar is married to Lydia and they have three lovely kids – Ryan, Amylia and Devin.

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