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Ange Asanzi

Name: Ange Asanzi

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Organization: International Rivers

Title: Africa Programme Associate

WWF EFN Grantee



Ange Asanzi earned her Masters in Economics from University of Pretoria. She currently works as Africa Programma Associate for International Rivers, an international NGO dedicated to working with civil society organizations across Africa to protect rivers and the rights of river communities. As Africa Programme Associate, Ange focuses on renewable energy research and environmental justice; she works with communities that have been affected by mega-dam projects to ensure that their rights are respected. Additionally, Ange promotes the enforcement of environmental laws and policies. Through her work, Ange aspires to promote the value of freshwater resources and river conservation in all of Africa.

Serge Nzali

Name: Serge Nzali

Country: Cameroon

Organization: University of Dschang

Title: Senior Lecturer of Environmental Sciences



Nzali completed a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry in 2000 and an MSc in Inorganic Chemistry in 2004. In 2007 he completed an MSc in Environmental Management and finally got his PhD in Environmental Chemistry in 2012. He is currently a Senior Lecturer of Environmental Sciences at the University of Dschang, School 0f Wood, Water and Natural Resources. The School of Wood, Water and Natural Resources is part of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences of the University of Dschang, an agricultural institution created in 1993. The School was created in 2009 for the training of engineers in the fields of wood, water and environmental sciences. Nzali hopes to strengthen his capacities in Environmental Leadership and Communication in order to undertake the extension of his project at the African level. This includes promoting sustainable alternatives to imported industrial pesticides, creating solutions for local agriculture, create jobs and generate cash.

Frederick Moleye

Name: Frederick Moleye

Country: Cameroon

Organization: University of Buea

Title: Crop Protection Specialist



Moleye completed his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology in 2003 and his Master’s degree in Crop Protection in 2013. Presently, he is a doctorate student in Botany. He is the head of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office at the University of Buea. The University of Buea was created in January 1993. It is a face-to-face institution that provides higher education within the context of national mandates of the Cameroonian government to promote the development of the nation and the progress of humanity. The University currently offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in several fields. In the future, Moleye hopes to be a Professional Human Resource Officer and also a qualified natural resource officer, considering that the University of Buea is located in one of the biodiversity hot spots of Cameroon. Moleye hopes to start some partnership between the University and some international conservation institutions like Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Fideline Mboringong

Name: Fideline Mboringong

Country: Cameroon

Organization: WWF

Title: Business and Extractive Policy Assistant



Fideline completed her BEd in Curriculum Studies and Teaching (Geography) in 2008 and a Master’s degree in International Cooperation (Environmental Management and Sustainable Development) in 2013. Her professional expertise broadly covers conservation, promotion of best practices in the extractive, agriculture and infrastructure sectors, and advocacy. Fideline currently works as Business and Extractive Policy Assistant for WWF-Cameroon.

WWF Cameroon is part of the WWF global Network, an International Nongovernmental Organization. Its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and create an environment where humans live in harmony with nature. Her goal in conservation is to support the emergence of a corporate sector that is engaged in sustainable investment through the promotion of environmental and social best practices.

Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie

Name: Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie

Country: Cameroon (in Tanzania)

Organization: Ikra Educational Training Centre (IETC), Cameron Vision (Camvision), Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA), Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

Title: Executive Director

Specialty: Environmental Management, Education



I am a Cameroonian Geologist and Gender Ambassador for the Gender and Water Alliance (GWA). I have 22 years of experience working in the Africa Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Environmental/Conservation Management and Education Sector, 17 years working on Gender and Development, and 12 years following the international climate change negotiations. I serve as an International Advisory Board Member of Women Earth and Climate Caucus (WECC) USA,, Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) USA,, Climate Change Network (CCN) Nigeria, Topical Curator of the Global Water Sustainability Forum (GWSF) World Pulse, Steering Committee Member of the Gender and Disaster Network (GDN), Council Member of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Africa, and GEN Africa/Tanzania Ambassador. My areas of interest are sustainable development/climate change, water-food-energy nexus, environmental/conservation education, and building resilient communities. I have worked with stakeholders from across the spectrum and consulted with the United Nations and other international/local organizations.

I serve as the Executive Director for Ikra Educational Training Centre (IETC) Tanzania, Cameroon Vision (Camvision) Trust Cameroon, Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA), Head of Resource Mobilization (RM) of GEN Africa, and Initiator of the GEN Africa Fund. I am a member of several local and international organizations, such as the Global Water Partnership (GWP) Tanzania, Southern Africa and International, African Women in Science and Engineering (AWSE), Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Africa/International etc.

I hold a BSc Honors degree in Geology, August 1991, from the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria and several other qualifications within the field of water, sanitation, hygiene, environmental education/management, climate change, ICT and entrepreneurship. I have over 22 years of working experience and have participated in several local, national and international trainings/workshops/conferences in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. To date I have published over 40 scientific and policy papers within the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Climate Change, Agriculture, Environmental Management, Education and Energy Sectors.

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