Erick Mhando

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Name: Erick Mhando

Country: Tanzania

Organization: Community Universal Development Initiative

Title: Secretary & Project Leader



Erick has four years of experience in the non-profit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Environmental Planning and Management in 2011. His professional skills broadly cover renewable energies, climate change, ecological farming and environmental conservation. He is working as secretary and project leader at Community Universal Development Initiative (CUDI). CUDI is a non-governmental organization from Morogoro, Tanzania whose mission is to enhance and endorse the lives of young people from all spheres by advancing integrated solutions for youth and national development. In 2015, CUDI began a project to promote Terrace farming practices in Uluguru Mountains which are a tropical conservation site. In the future, Erick hopes to be an accomplished environmental activist and leader on the continent and the world.

Other Information

Organization: Community Universal Development Initiative
Profile last updated on: July 28th, 2016

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