Jagadish Kuikel

Specialty: ,

Name: Jagadish Kuikel

Country: Nepal

Organization: WWF-Nepal

Title: Livelihood Specialist



Jagadish completed his Master’s degree in Agriculture Science and has more than 10 years of working experience in different national and international organizations. Currently, Jagadish is working at WWF-Nepal as a livelihood specialist for the promotion of rural livelihoods. WWF-Nepal works to conserve flagship and priority species, forests, freshwater, and to mitigate the pervasive threat of climate change to communities, species and their habitats. Sustainable livelihoods are a major cross cutting theme with the objective of increasing the income from sustainable sources of livelihoods from forest dependent communities. He is planning to work in conservation and economic growth. He wants to gain knowledge for planning and effective implementation of the projects to his present goal of enhancing the living standards of disadvantaged groups in an economically viable and sustainable manner.

Other Information

Organization: WWF-Nepal
Profile last updated on: July 28th, 2016

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