Joselito Costas


Name: Joselito Costas

Country: Philippines

Organization: Cebu Provincial Tourism Office

Title: Engagement Consultant



Jose graduated with a BS Biology degree in 1987 and did certificate courses in Conservation in 2013, Heritage Studies in 2007 and Professional Management in 2005. He currently works at the Provincial Government as Stakeholder Engagement Consultant for Community-based Ecotourism. The Cebu Investment and Promotions Office promotes green economy that balances economic growth and environmental sustainability. It works to make the province a more efficient place for work, a more convenient area for leisure and a more livable environment for families. Jose hopes to work with stakeholders in Tanon Straight and in the Key Biodiversity Areas by connecting them to government, private and civil society through community-based natural resource management and ecotourism, and to create a vibrant, biodiversity-rich and healthy Tanon Strait and Key Biodiversity Areas to become sustainable tourism destinations.

Other Information

Organization: Cebu Investment and Promotions Office, Province of Cebu
Profile last updated on: August 1st, 2016

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