Julian Syah

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Julian Syah

Water and Sanitation Specialist,

USAID – Environmental Services Program


1. Work history and professional expertise:

  • Community Based water and sanitation specialist, USAID-ESP North Sumatra
  • Community Based water and sanitation specialist in Flood Management, Jakarta and Medan,  Public Work Department
  • Worked with the Medan Municipal Government as well as with the Provincial Government of North Sumatra in planning and economic development (city planning).
  • Research related to integrated urban river management and general urban planning and infrastructure development which is highly valuable for urban sanitation program development.


Water for the Poor: led the team that has developed several community based ‘water for the poor’ schemes wherein communities organize themselves to manage and maintain clean water systems.  These programs are being picked up by City and National Government agencies and in Medan one system will be extended to 3,000 households with local government and World Bank funding.

  • Community based Solid Waste Management: collaboration with JBIC(Japanese Bank for International Cooperation) in building community organizations to handle solid waste
  • City Wide Sanitation Working Group: Julian facilitated the creation of a city- wide Sanitation Working Group bringing together a diverse set of government agencies.  This group produced the first city ‘Sanitation Strategic Plan’ plus frameworks for high priority sanitation projects to be funded by central government and donor agencies including the Asian Development Bank.
  • Decentralized Water and Sanitation (DEWATS): managed a program for DEWATS that has received 50% co-funding from local governments.  Small scale, community run systems fill the gaps between household septic and city wide sewage treatment plants.
  • Rural Women Manage Water: managed a very successful rural program coupling women’s credit union development with the management of clean water systems in very rural, poor villages.
  1. Educational background:

Edith Cowan University, Perth Western Australia, Management

  • ASEAN regional training for Water and Sanitation by Eco Asia
  • Serial Trainings for Medan City Sanitation Strategic Plan 2007-2012; Sub Project Appraisal Report (SPAR) by Asian Development Bank
  • Water Resources Management Training Rijks Universiteit of Groningen (RuG) The Netherlands

Other Information

Organization: DAI - Development Alternatives, Inc., Environmental Services Program
Profile last updated on: May 3rd, 2011

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