Julie Ranivo


Name: Julie Ranivo

Country: Madagascar

Organization: Madagascar Biodiversity Fund

Title: Grant Officer

Specialty: Zoology, Environment



Since 2008, following the obtainment of my PhD, I have been a lecturer at the Department of Animal Biology in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Antananarivo. Over that period, I have developed five courses and published about a dozen articles.

In addition, I was hired in 2009 as the first Grant Officer of the Madagascar Biodiversity Fund, which is one of the most successful and largest environmental foundations in Africa, supporting more than thirty Protected Areas. As such, I had to build and operate the grant system of the fund from the ground up.

I am also the Vice chair of the Board of Madagascar Enda, a Malagasy NGO working for the most deprived people in the conurbation of Antananarivo. This NGO targets the poorest slums affected by problems of unfettered urbanization combined with strong population growth.

As the Grant Officer of the Foundation, I am in charge of reviewing applications for grants from our partners in the field, which include Madagascar National Parks as well as international and national NGOs such as The Peregrine Fund, Birdlife Madagascar, Missouri Botanical garden, Wildlife Conservation Society, RBG-Kew.

Such grants are meant to finance conservation activities in protected areas (patrolling, monitoring, conservation infrastructures) as well as community development projects (micro-dams, irrigation systems, poultry farming). The objective is to reduce pressures on the protected areas stemming from unsustainable activities.

Reviewing grants application involves the analysis of project plans and budget as well as ensuring that these plans and their corresponding objectives have been prepared in a participatory way with all stakeholders, in particular with the surrounding communities.
The requests are then presented to the Board of the Foundation. Once the grants have been approved and disbursed, I then organize or lead supervision missions on the ground, logging in ten field trips per year. The purpose of these supervisory trips is to ensure that the funds are correctly used and to assess the impact of the funded projects on the state of the protected areas and the livelihood of the communities.

I received a MS in Population and Ecosystems Biology and General Biology at the University of Lyon 1, France; a MS in Biology, Ecology and Animal Conservation at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar and a PHD in Biology, Ecology and Environmental Study from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Other Information

Organization: Madagascar Biodiversity Fund
Profile last updated on: August 6th, 2014

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