Kamal Devkota

Specialty: ,

Name: Kamal Devkota

Country: Nepal

Organization: Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS)

Title: Director



Kamal completed his MA in Development Studies in 2009. His broad areas of expertise are on environmental governance, local democracy and water security. He is the Director of Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS) Nepal. Kamal leads the water governance theme of a research project on water security at SIAS. SIAS is a Kathmandu-based research institute. It is involved in Nepal and in South Asia in a number of environmental and social science fields. It exists as a quality knowledge hub working with diverse stakeholders interested in these themes. His aim is to bring some innovations for environmental good governance in the fragile political context. Specifically, Kamal would like to create impact on sustainable watershed management through action research and rural urban linkages. His initiation would be from a robust and comprehensive micro level watershed management plan in Dhulikhel, Nepal.

Other Information

Organization: Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS)
Profile last updated on: July 28th, 2016

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