Kanupriya Harish

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Name: Kanupriya Harish

Country: India

Organization: Jal Bhagirathi Foundation

Title: Project Director


As Project Director of Jal Bhagirathi Foundation (a grassroots Non-Government Organisation in Rajasthan, Western India), I am responsible for implementation and management of a large portfolio of projects being implemented in three districts of the Thar desert. In January 2009 I was inducted as a Trustee on the Board of Jal Bhagirathi Foundation. The focus of my work is on reviving traditional water harvesting systems through facilitation and capacity building of community institutions to address drinking water scarcity, climate change, enterprise development and setting up small water enterprises, addressing safe water and sanitation, women empowerment, rural livelihoods and advocating for policy reform to ensure pro-poor concerns are integrated in policy formulation.I am also responsible for developing new programs, project proposals, developing fundraising strategies and have been successful in expanding the donor base of the Foundation. As a front-line manager, I am involved in motivating team members to achieve the overall objectives of the organization, communicating to them the vision of the Foundation and creating shared goals and targets.

My key responsibilities include:

Strengthening organisational processes and systems

  • Managing and leading a professional team of 80 people
  • Set up systems/procedures for implementation, monitoring & evaluation of community-based projects
  • Ensuring quality management as per ISO 9001-2008 norms, accountability and transparency in organisational processes
  • Prepare workplans and budgets for field based projects and ensure smooth implementation

Advocacy, Networking, Building Partnerships and Fund Raising

  • Design, develop new programs and formulate project proposals for fundraising
  • Coordinate with multilateral, bilateral agencies and donor agencies, ensuring regular reporting
  • Network with grassroots NGO’s, CBO’s and women SHG’s to provide support in implementation of community based programs
  • Develop advocacy tools to ensure grassroots concerns are incorporated in policy formulation
  • Representing the Foundation in conferences, workshops and policy making forums for dissemination of community based best practices in water management

Training, Capacity building and Communication tools

  • Set up the Water Resource Centre in Jodhpur, a centre for training on community based water management approaches
  • Organise and conduct trainings for staff and community institutions including women’s groups, and orientation programs for national and international practitioners, scholars, students and interns.
    • Develop information, education and communication (IEC) tools for wider dissemination

I have in-depth and hands-on knowledge of working with communities, NGO’s, multilateral and bilateral agencies and have vast experience of over 8 years in implementation and management of community based natural resource management programs in the Thar desert (most densely populated and water scarce desert in the world) in Western Rajasthan, India. The work of the Foundation has been supported by many organisations including the European Union, UNDP, Italian Development Cooperation, Wells for India, HSBC Bank, The Asia Foundation, Princes Charities, Acumen Fund, UNICEF, USAEP and GAGP.

I obtained a Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Ne

Other Information

Organization: Jal Bhagirathi Foundation
Profile last updated on: August 29th, 2011

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