Lorena Cordero


Name: Lorena Cordero

Country: Perú

Organization: Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (OEFA)

Title: Legal Assistant



Lorena’s professional expertise covers environmental administrative procedures and management of environmental conflicts. She works in the area responsible for the implementation of environmental remedial measures at the Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (OEFA). OEFA works to ensure that economic activities in Peru are conducted in keeping with the individual right to enjoy a healthy environment. For this, OEFA is responsible for the assessment, supervision, enforcement and sanction in environmental matters, as well as of incentive application in the mining, energy, fishery and industry sector. This year, Lorena hopes to improve the ways of protecting and repairing the environmental damage generated and to publish the criteria for verifying compliance of environmental corrective measure in order to highlight the predictability of OEFA. Moreover, Lorena hopes to coordinate with other institutions about the promotion of environmental protection.

Other Information

Organization: Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (OEFA)
Profile last updated on: July 28th, 2016

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