Maureen Hamiyanze

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Name:                             MAUREEN HAMIYANZE

Country:                ZAMBIA

Organization:      ‘FUTURE IN OUR HANDS’, ZAMBIA

Title:                     PROGRAMME MANAGER –



Professional expertise, interests and work history.

My passion is to bring about abundant life to rural households, especially women and children, using Sustainable Agriculture and Leadership Development as tools. I have served as an Agricultural Officer for the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture, specifically in charge of a livestock breeding unit that supplied improved livestock breeds to rural farmers in the Eastern Province. I have also served as Manager of Livelihood Improvement Programs for both local and international NGOs such as Women for Change, World Hope International Zambia, and currently Hodi. In all these assignments, developing and managing livelihood improvement programs centered on sustainable agriculture has been my core responsibility. I have also been involved in capacity building training in cross cutting issues such as leadership, gender, HIV/AIDS, and Human Rights. I believe in holistic sustainable development and my dream is to pursue a PhD in Agricultural Leadership and Development which will position me in a role of leadership where I will be able to influence the Agricultural Policy.

Current work activities

Currently, I serve as Programme Manager for the Elimination of Child Labour in Tobacco Programme (ECLT) managed by Hodi, a Zambian Development Non Government Organization. My core responsibility is to manage the ECLT       Programme, whose goal is to address the supply and demand factors that perpetrate tobacco child labour in the Choma and Kalomo Districts in Southern Province. Specifically my responsibilities include:

Þ     Coordination of Community Development activities with a goal of bringing about economic empowerment of rural households by promoting (1) conservation farming and sustainable household food production and (2) sources of income to replace dependency on children working on tobacco farms. I provide capacity building training in: Sustainable Agriculture/Conservation Farming, Leadership, Planning & Budgeting, Proposal & Report Writing, and Gender & Advocacy.

Þ     Establishing and maintaining working relationships with key stakeholders both Government and Private; National and International. This entails coordinating and facilitating stakeholder training and workshops on strategic issues pertaining to development

Educational and Training background

  • BSc (Honours) in Agriculture with Division 1 Second Class, (II: 1) from University of Wales, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom (Sept. 1998 – July 2002). Dissertation: ‘Forage Legumes for Low Cost Extensive Beef Production: Effects on Animal Performance, Carcass Quality and Fatty Acid Composition of Muscle from Beef Steers
  • Certificate in General Agriculture with merit from Zambia College of Agriculture, Monze, Zambia (Oct. 1987 – July 1989)

Awards and Professional Qualifications

Þ     African Women in Agriculture, Research and Development (AWARD) –Fellowship 2009 – 2011

Þ     AWARD Mentoring Workshop – Mombasa, Kenya – October 2009

Þ     AWARD Leadership Skills Course – Lilongwe, Malawi – April 2010

Þ     ECHO Agricultural Conference (Presenter & Delegate), Fort Myers, Florida USA (Dec. 2010)

Þ     Numerous certificates in leadership & specialized short courses in agriculture, Gender, HIV/AIDS & Human Rights.

Other Information

Organization: Future in our hands, Zambia
Profile last updated on: January 25th, 2012

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