Meetu Gupta

Specialty: ,

Name: Meetu Gupta

Country: India

Organization: Conservation Core Society

Title: Founder & Secretary



Meetu did her Master’s in Forestry, Wildlife and Environment Science, and since then has been working in the field for the cause. Her professional expertise broadly covers Wildlife Crime and Enforcement, Conservation Research, Capacity Building and Awareness. She is the founder and secretary of Conservation Core Society (CCS). CCS is an NGO registered under the Society Registration Act of the Government of India. Research, capacity building, habitat restoration and conservation and awareness are the foundation of CCS. Their mission is to reach, educate, uplift and enrich the lives of marginalized aboriginals and support work for social justice. Meetu hopes to enable better protection and conservation of wildlife in Central India through research, documentation and publications. She wants to create a strong platform for the issues related to conservation and development that can be effortlessly accepted by the Government.

Other Information

Organization: Conservation Core Society
Profile last updated on: July 28th, 2016

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