Michael Sarill

Specialty: ,

Name: Michael Sarill

Country: USA

Organization: EcoWild Conservation

Title: Director



Michael completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2006 and his early career was in digital. His deep passions are around wildlife conservation, conservation biology and ecological restoration. He built a cause-based wildlife game and is working on the next product as part of an environmental non-profit focusing on issues of wildlife conservation and restoration. EcoWild Conservation will focus on solutions related to ecological restoration, ecologically friendly business practices and human-wildlife conflicts. Michael believes these problems have solutions if we are creative about finding paths forward. Beyond the wildlife game, Michael is actively working on the next product/project and has set up a broader website communicating the larger vision. Michael’s goals include solving problems related to human-wildlife conflict and offering citizens compelling opportunities to live in harmony with nature.

Other Information

Organization: EcoWild Conservation
Profile last updated on: July 28th, 2016

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