Olufunmilayo Adeniyi

Specialty: , ,

Name: Olufunmilayo Adeniyi

Country: Nigeria

Organization: Ajegunle Community Project

Title: Program Officer



Olufunmilayo Adeniyi earned her Masters in Law (General Legal Studies) from Georgetown University Law Center. She currently works as program officer for Ajegunle Community Project, an NGO dedicated to driving the development process. As program officer, Olufunmilayo is responsible for developing and implementing environmental strategies and action plans that aim for ensuring corporate sustainable development, carrying out impact assessment, and conducting research on environmental issues like proper hygiene and pollution. In her work, Olufunmilayo is challenged by the lack of environmental sanitation that makes women and children vulnerable to diseases. Olunfunmilayo aspires to utilize children as agents of change to sensitize their parents on proper hygiene and proper waste disposal in households.

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Profile last updated on: October 9th, 2017

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