S. M. Abdul-Awal

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Name: S. M. Abdul-Awal

Country: Bangladesh

Organization: Khulna University

Title: Associate Professor



S.M Abdul-Awal earned his Ph.D. in Plant Sciences from University of Cambridge. He currently works as an associate professor at Khulna University, whose mission is to create a transformative educational experience for students, focusing on poverty eradication, food and nutritional security, environmental sustainability, socio-economic well-being, and climate resilient development. He is currently working on two main projects. The first project is concerned with providing safe drinking water to the rural people in the southern area of Bangladesh by applying biotechnological principles and tools, and the second project involves providing composite fertilizer to farmers so they can grow their crops in an environmentally-friendly manner. Through his work, S.M. aspires to foster creative learning, entrepreneurship, and inquisitiveness among students based on moral values, professional ethics, and social responsibilities.

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Profile last updated on: October 9th, 2017

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