Shaffi Ramadhan

Specialty: ,

Name: Shaffi Ramadhan

Country: Kenya

Organization: Human Needs Project

Title: ICT Assets Supervisor

Dick and Carolyn Beahrs Fellow



Shaffi Ramadhan currently works as an ICT Assets Supervisor for Human Needs Project, an international NGO dedicated to creating sustainable, holistic human needs centers within slum areas to help eradicate poverty and improve the environmental, health, and living standards for the community. As ICT Assets Supervisor, Shaffi is responsible for monitoring, maintaining, issuing, and procuring the ICT assets of his organization. In his work, Shaffi aspires to tackle environmental challenges as he promotes education and empowerment in developing communities. By attending the Beahrs ELP, Shaffi hopes to acquire skills to better educate communities on health, efficient energy consumption, and garbage collection and maintenance.

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Profile last updated on: October 9th, 2017

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