Ted Nyaima


Name: Ted Nyaima

Country: Kenya

Organization: Human Needs Project

Title: Town Centre Manager – Marketing

Dick and Carolyn Beahrs Fellow



Ted Nyaima currently works as Town Centre Manager of Marketing for Human Needs Project, an international NGO dedicated to community empowerment through innovative and sustainable solutions. As Town Centre Manager, Ted is responsible for market research, event management, creating brand awareness for Kibera Town Center (KTC), and promotion of KTC services on social media. Through his work, Ted aspires to address the issues of poor waste disposal, poor handling and distribution of water, and air pollution tied to unfriendly cooking methods. By attending the Beahrs ELP, Ted will have the opportunity to promote understanding of technological advancement as a solution for better living standards in informal settlements.

Other Information

Profile last updated on: October 9th, 2017

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