Ximena Barrera


Name: Ximena Barrera

Country: Colombia

Organization: WWF

Title: Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility Director



Ximena Barrera earned her B.A. in Economics from Javeriana University. Currently, she works as Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility Director for WWF, where she leads the development of collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances with the public and private sectors seeking more responsible and sustainable practices. In her work, Ximena is responsible for leading all policy work, working with the oil palm, cattle ranching, and mining sectors to strengthen their land use planning, and promoting sustainable practices in the corporate sector. Through her work, Ximena aims to strengthen policy strategy to address drivers and threats linked to the key sectors of mining, infrastructure, and energy; these sectors affect biodiversity and can encroach on conservation areas. By attending the Beahrs ELP, Ximena will have the opportunity to expand her knowledge of the geopolitical economy and the linkages between biodiversity and policy areas including development, global environmental governance, economics, finance, and business.

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Profile last updated on: October 9th, 2017

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