“Buck Kingman” Small Grants Initiative (SGI)

Guidelines for Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Alumni

Dinesh Paudel

“For me it was the most productive and encouraging experience to take part in this training. It went so smoothly that the managerial part was a great learning in itself. The great thing for me was not only the course but also to know the people from around the world who have similar interest and worries about how to save this world by taking care of social justice and equity. Berkeley is really a fantastic place for such debates.”

Dinesh Paudel, ELP 2004

Nepal-Swiss Community Forestry Project, Nepal

The Small Grants Initiative (SGI) was created in 2003 and renamed in 2009 in honor of UC Berkeley/College of Natural Resources alumnus Buck Kingman. Since 2003, the SGI has supported forty-one collaborative conservation and sustainable development projects designed and implemented by ELP alumni together with faculty and students from UC Berkeley. Collaborative activities funded include: applied field research; training of trainers; development of business/marketing plans; interdisciplinary workshops; course design and delivery; community-level capacity-building; preparation, publication and dissemination of policy guidelines; planning and development of a new organization or enterprise (including potential ELP Regional Centers); and others.

An important goal of the Buck Kingman SGI is to enhance two-way learning among academics and practitioners in the field, bringing science, policy and practice together. The resources provided through the SGI (UCB partnerships and seed funding) enable alums to apply their newly-acquired knowledge, skills and global network to address on-the-ground challenges they face as environmental professionals.

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