The Great Beginning

by Alexander Iscenco, Moldova, ELP 2013


There is the end
Of everything.
In heart and soul
It points its sting.

It was just yesterday,
When we said “Hi!”.
But now it’s past…
We say “Good bye!”

“It’s time to leave,
We say in whisper,
The time has passed
Like sudden twister”.

We hug each other,
We kiss in cheeks.
But reasons to stay
Our mind eagerly seeks.

I hold your hand,
You hold mine too.
Still, vicious time
Breaks boldly through.

I turn away
To hide a tear.
“I’ll miss you…much…”
From you I hear.

I walk away,
You stay…alone.
The time has passed,
The time is gone…

This is the end
Of the entire thing.
No dance to dance with,
No song to sing.

But is this so?
No…I have a feeling
That this is only
The great beginning…


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