Lander Islami

Lander_IslamiLander Islami is a Co-Founder and Team Leader of the Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo. His job includes leading youth peers in Kosovo in new frontiers and turning the drive of young people into a catalyst for development. Additionally, he manages the overall NGO programs, writes project proposals, leads project management, fits in the team in a cross-functional position, and keeps in check short-term activities with long time goals and missions. Currently, he is also the Chair of the Board for the Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders, where he is responsible for project management, reporting to the Swedish Institute, and engaging in stakeholder and community projects.

He majored in Management and Public Policy, with a minor in Economics, at the Rochester Institute of Technology/A.U.K. campus in Prishtina, Kosovo. He now is working to receive a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden.

He has had prior internship experience performing the conflict of interest project for the Kosovo Judicial Council, and performing data entry, data mining, research and analysis of legal issues. He is described as highly resourceful, time-oriented and deadline driven, as well as having an open mind and versatile nature.

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