Sheila Romero

Sheila Romero is the Team Leader of Impact Assessment and Planning at ERM Peru S.A. ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting services and sustainability related services. She is responsible for leading a team of 80 people including researchers and people from native communities.She contributes to the company’s growth by training employees, developing collaboration teamwork, and collaborating with other business units outside her country.

Sheila received her Bachelor of Science in Forest Engineering from the National Agrarian university La Molina in 2000. In addition, she has attended many trainings including the Program of Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in 2015, Sustainability Management Program in 2014, Economic Tools for Conservation at Stanford University in 2013, and Financial Accounting for Management in 2010.

The Beahrs ELP will enable Sheila to improve her negotiation, communication, and leadership skills, which are key elements in conducting projects. These skills will also let Sheila contribute to community awareness and preventing and avoiding environmental conflicts. Lastly, this program will offer Sheila the space to share experiences and initiatives for development, providing new knowledge that can be applied in the development of her region.

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