Sudeep Budhaditya Deb

Sudeep Budhaditya Deb is currently a Divisional Forest Officer with the West Bengal Forest Service. His work includes heading the independent charge of a territorial forest division and its multifarious functions like protecting the sanctity of the forests, wildlife and biodiversity. From a regular day to day basis he also leads management, budgeting and financial planning, accounting and general work checking.

He received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Calcutta with Honors in Botany. In July of 2008 he was awarded a PhD in Participatory Forestry Management Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. His coursework during his PhD years included Environmental Settings of Socio-Technical Systems, Organizational Behavior, and Management of Human Resources. He also received a Fulbright Fellowship for 2010-2011 to go to the University of Arizona to undertake a project in “Comparative Study of the Participatory Natural Resource Management Regimes Involving the Indigenous Communities.”

Sudeep is a member of Commonwealth Forestry Association, and a life member of All India Management Association. His passion for forestry and other environmental issues is not only evident through his academic studies, but by his long list of publications. He has published works in Joint Forest Management Model of community forestry in West Bengal, green economy, and forest covers in India.

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