Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Welcome to the Climate Change and Renewable Energy Thematic Group Page, where you will find knowledge sharing resources, and news about events and opportunities relevant to the theme.

Co-Leaders' Corner
Ngamindra Dahal
Yani Septiani

This section of the page will consist of a Greeting, message, update, or point of conversation posted by one of the Co-Leaders.  This message should be updated at least once per month.

Dear ELP Colleagues,

Welcome to our new thematic forum on climate change and renewable energy. We are really excited to share you the updates on events, news and views relevant to our theme. What do you feel about the Durban Climate Conference? Was it a progress towards climate solutions? We would like to invite your comments to shape our collective view for the future actions. Also we like to run a platform filled up news, views and sharing of links to remarkable events posted by you.

Knowledge Sharing

This section will contain a "featured alumni knowledge sharing" piece, which will be the responsibility of an alumni member of this thematic group and will change monthly.  The featured alumni knowledge sharing piece can be a paragraph introducing the alum, discussing issues the alum is working on, describing a paper or project of the alums, or be a summary of an article.  The paragraph will end with a link stating "click here to read more" which can then link to the full article, document, or a relevant website

Below this featured article will be links to uploaded documents that will be maintained on this site - so that alums can come back and reference or re-read them at any time.  This will be a repository for traditional, current, and cutting edge knowledge along the theme.

News and Events

This section will consist of any upcoming or recent events relevant to the thematic group, including dates, venues, desired outcomes, and any other comments that group leaders or contributing alumni would like to include to describe the events.  Where possible, this section should also include links to event websites


Jobs, internships, fellowships, awards, etc.  Basically, anything that alums interested in this topic might like to apply for or know about, will be posted in this section.

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