Thi Cam Nhung Pham

Thi Cam Nhung Pham is a Project Manager for Sustainable Energy at WWF-Vietnam. She is responsible for the energy strategy of WWF-Vietnam. Thi Cam Nhung also implements and monitors the Sustainable Energy Project, including energy related advocacy at the national level, sustainable energy model applications for communities and the corporate sector, and CSO engagement in the decision making process. Prior to her role as a Project Manager, she served as a Policy Coordinator from 2011-2014.

Thi Cam Nhung received her Master of Science in Environmental and Resource Management from the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany, and she received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam.

By participating in the Beahrs ELP, Thi Cam Nhung wishes to improve her knowledge on social, environmental, and economic sustainability and their integration, complexity, and challenges. She is also looking forward to learning of experiences from fellows from many different countries. Lastly, Thi Cam Nhung plans on strengthening her communication skills when working with multi-stakeholders in order to promote and do advocacy in work related to sustainable environmental management.

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