Abderma Saadia

Abderma Saadia is the Founder and President of the Women’s Cooperative Bladi, and is a champion for women empowerment and rural development. Women’s Cooperative Bladi is located and based in Morocco, and has 400 participatory women members under the leadership of Abderma. In addition, Abderma is the Founder of the Regional Association of Women Farmers, where she works extensively in helping illiterate women start and maintain small businesses. Most of those small businesses center around producing high-quality agricultural products, including goat cheese, quinoa production, and other agricultural products. In addition she has helped many illiterate women in the community gain skills by pairing those women with high school tutors.

Her numerous experiences come mostly from the agricultural food sector, where she dedicated herself in working on sustainable livelihood methods and providing technical instruction for farm and livestock projects.

Abderma received her Bachelor’s degree in Experimental Sciences in 1984 and received an additional degree in Applied Biochemistry from University Paris VII in 1988. Her professional working career includes working as the lead animator for the training and development performance of the sales team (BAYER), and even working as a promoter actress for agriculture and local development.

Abderma’s passion for empowering women is prominently evident throughout her life’s work, as she put forth extensive hours in improving social and economic conditions of women and girls in Moroccan rural areas. Her approach to a project comes with emphasis on gender issues, human rights, and active participation from the community. Abderma’s peers have lauded her as “one of the most promising Moroccan women in gender issues in rural areas”.

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