Abdou Rahman Sallah

abdou rahman sallahAbdou Rahman Sallah is currently working as an Environment Columnist for The Point Newspaper. His profession of being a journalist includes more than eight years of working experience with newspaper reporting and radio announcing in Gambia. In addition to his job in writing for the environmental column, she is also the founder of Biodiversity Action Journalists-Gambia, which is a professional advocacy media organization.

He received his Certificate in Journalism in 2010 from Africa Virtual University, and went on to earn a diploma in Mass Communications from the Institute of Professional Administration & Management.

Prior to his work as an environmental columnist, he worked as the regional correspondent for the Point Newspaper as well. His previous journalism work has also included time as a reporter for the Daily Observer and Gambia Daily Newspaper. In addition, he was also a former contract teacher with the Ministry of Education and Tribunal Courts Scriber with the Ministry of Justice.

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