Erick Mhando

erick mhandoErick Mhando is currently a Secretary for the NGO Community Universal Development Initiative. Some former positions include Research and Communication Officer for NGO Mazingira Network, and Field Extension Officer for the Sustainable Holistic Development Foundation. In his professional experiences, he has done budgeting in evidence-based research, conducting meetings with local leaders, and preparing monthly reports and newsletters. In addition, he has also done work in establishing an environmental group and overseeing the implementation of research projects.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Planning and Management in 2011 from the Institute of Rural Development Planning in Dodoma. His various research and publications include ones on soil characterization and classification in Morogoro and Iringa Districts, terrace farming practices and environmental conservation, and the destruction and disappearances of natural forests in Tanzania.

In his free time, he enjoys travelling and exploring, interacting with different cultural groups, and going to the great outdoors and historical land sites. He was nominated by the Community Development Universal Development Initiative, because of his capability and dedication in community development work, to attend the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program.

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