Esther Udo

Esther Udo is currently the Chief Research Environment Officer for the Ministry of Mines & Steel Development in Abuja. Her responsibilities include reviewing environmental impact assessment reports and environmental audit reports. Additionally, she develops frameworks, guidelines for environmental management and community development. Lastly, she works to ensure compliance monitoring on environmental management & community development agreements.

She also has had experience as the Environmental Scientific Officer for the Federal Ministry of Environment in Abuja. In that position, she monitored and inspected community-based solid waste management sites in Nigeria. Additionally, she has collected data on marine and coastal pollution management, containment, cleanup and remediation activities.

Esther received her Master of Science in Environmental Resources Management from Lagos State University in Nigeria. Her academic pursuits also led to her publication pieces, including one on the Effects of sodium metabisulphite & pasteurisation on the organoleptic properties of stored pineapple juice.

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