Fideline Mboringong

fideline mboringongFideline Mboringong is currently working as a Business and Industries Assistant for the World Wide Fund For Nature in Cameron. In her position, she did work in advocating and supporting the government in the development of policies that support best practices in the palm oil and extractive sectors in Cameroon. Additionally, she helped promote and support corporate social responsibility and the adoption of best practices among companies so that they commit to adhering to sustainable natural resource management policies. Besides these consulting and supporting roles, she also serves as technical support in the elaboration and implementation of WWF Business and Extractive Industries/Green Economy Strategy.

In previous roles, she has worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Cameroon as an intern. In that experience, she worked on projects promoting investment in the fight against climate change and ecosystems protection through integrated renewable energy and biomass solution for productive uses and industrial applications.

Her colleagues laud her for her enthusiasm, professional, and intellect. She works well with managing projects and can do successful research with either limited supervision or in a group setting. Her qualities and experiences so far will push her to become more dedicated in the environmental realm.

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