Heyddy Calderon

Heyddy CalderonHeyddy Calderon is currently Head of Research and Development in the Nicaraguan Aquatic Resources Research Center. She coordinates multidisciplinary projects that are related to water resources, grant application writing and supervision, fundraising, strategic alliance and partnerships, and research communications. Previously she was also a senior researcher in hydrology and hydrogeology at the Nicaraguan Aquatic Resources Research Center, where she led projects for surface water and groundwater research. Additionally, she was a former scientific advisor to the National Water Authority of Nicaragua.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Engineering in Managua, Nicaragua. Additionally, she received her Master of Science in Hydrogeology from the University of Calgary. Finally, she completed her PhD in 2015 at the Delft University of Technology, with the emphasis being Hydrology and Water Resources.

Heyddy is extremely passionate about water resources and issues, and besides the wealth of work experiences, her passion is shown in published research. She collaborated with many other individuals in publishing research, like Investigation into pesticide transport in the Leon-Chinanadega aquifer and Hydrological and geomorphological controls on the water balance components of a mangrove forest.

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