Joselito Costas

joselito costasJoselito Costas is currently a consultant and stakeholder adviser on community-based ecotourism in the Office of the Provincial Governor in Cebu, Philippines. He implemented many community-based ecotourism projects in five different municipal governments in the Cebu area.

He was founder of Grassroots Travel, which is an organization that seeks to train and develop local rural communities for ecotourism in partnership with local government units and private companies. In addition, he has had experience as a National Director for the Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation in Cebu City. In that position, he provided the overall leadership based on guidance from the Board of Trustees, where he worked on resource generation, program management, operations management, and external relations.

Joselito earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of San Carlos in the Philippines. His passion for social development is backed by 24 years of on-the-ground experience, and he embraces having cross-cultural work in bridging together multiple nations for a project.

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