Lorena Cordero

Lorena Cordero is currently a Legal Assistant for the Implementation Department of Corrective Measures at the Agency for Assessment and Environmental Control. As a legal assistant, Lorena’s responsibilities include checking the remedy proposals made by the legal assistants of the mining, fishing, energy and industry sectors, verifying that the corrective measures ordered in the disciplinary administrative procedures are met, and promoting the institution in different universities in Peru, for which informative lectures on the various fields of the OEFA were issued.

Lorena received her Bachelor of Law from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, and was the winner of the “Programa de Apoyo al Desarrollo de Tesis de Licenciatura – PADET 2015.” This award involved financing for the performance of thesis projects which contribute to the country’s development. Her thesis focused on how the lack of titling of land ownership of peasant communities causes, among other aspects, socio-environmental conflicts between the communities, which would also affect food security and sustainable development thereof.

In the past, Lorena has taken courses organized by the United Nations Development Programme, German Cooperation and PUCP focused on socio-environmental conflict management and remediation of areas affected by mining. By attending the ELP, Lorena hopes to achieve the knowledge and necessary techniques that will allow her to implement legal systems aimed to sustainable development and environmental control.

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