Michael Sarill

michael sarillMichael Sarill is the Founder of Baboon in San Francisco. Baboon is a cause-based mobile game that spreads awareness on the captive wildlife crisis. Michael worked as both a Product Manager and Project Manager to lead projects through design, development all the way to successful launch in the iTunes App Store. Furthermore, he negotiated partnership with The Wild Animal Sanctuary of Keenesburg, Colorado to send a portion of the profits from the game to the sanctuary.

Another example of his innovative qualities come from his experience as the Founder and President of ForCom, which sought to build and market leading forensics speech and debate social networks online.

Michael is described as an environmental entrepreneur who is interested in wildlife conservation in Africa and in sustainable agriculture. He is currently investigating business plans that may seek to develop a diversified farm that will grow sustainable meat. His knowledge across various fields all come together to help him delve deeper into the environmental field.

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