Natalia Alayza

Natalia Alayza currently works in the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Lima, Peru. She evaluates the design and implementation of public policy measures and development plans related to climate change and environmental management. Also, she promoted efficiency on resource assignation to public entities in the design of public policy of conservation. She is a formal member of numerous committees, including National Committee on Climate Change, National Committee on Illegal Mining and Formalization Processes, and National Committee to Combat Desertification and Drought.

Her prior experience includes working in the International Cooperation Office of the Development and Social Inclusion Ministry in Lima, promoting bio-commerce initiative, with a gender approach, for low income families in the Ayacucho region. Also, she worked in the International Affairs and Biodiversity Program in the Peruvian Environmental Law Society in Lima. Her work supported the investigation and analysis of genetic resources, biodiversity, etc.

Natalia’s hard work does not go unrecognized, as her colleagues characterized her as having a strong sense of collaboration, teamwork and openness.

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