• UC Berkeley certificate in Sustainable Environmental Management.
  • Enhanced capacity to develop and apply solutions that balance environmental, economic and social equity objectives.
  • Strengthened skills for communicating ideas, managing conflict, facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and leading social change.
  • Lifetime membership in the global Berkeley ELP Alumni Network, eligibility for small grants and a continuing learning relationship with UC Berkeley.

Evaluation & Impact

In 2008, the ELP commissioned an independent evaluation and impact assessment conducted by the Leadership Learning Community. Utilizing the EvaluLEAD approach, the evaluation team consulted with ELP alumni, faculty and staff to assess outcomes at three levels: personal, organizational and societal/community.

Simon Thuo

"I’ve been wary of words such as "holistic’ and "integrated" because they hold so much promise but hardly every deliver. This course was different. Everything fell into place about a whole range of issues that must be considered for sustainable development…The firm friendships forged are so valuable to me."

Simon Thuo, ELP 2001

East Africa Coordinator, Global Water Partnership, Kenya

"ELP is a community of peers with extraordinary expertise and vision to share with each other. Facilitating peer learning, knowledge sharing, documentation of lessons learned and generative problem solving are ways in which ELP alumni are continuing to improve and scale their efforts" — Beahrs ELP Evaluation

"Our mantra here is access and excellence. We have an institution which is fully accessible to people from whatever background, and at the same time we prize excellence in everything that we do. We also have a deep commitment to public service, and the Beahrs ELP program really exemplifies all three of these."

— Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau,
University of California, Berkeley

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