The Beahrs ELP at Berkeley is designed for mid-career development and environmental practitioners who are challenged to solve complex cross-sectoral environmental problems. They come from nonprofit and community-based organizations, applied research and educational institutions, government, international agencies and the business sector.

ELP summer training provides participants with a unique opportunity to interact with UC Berkeley, as well as their global peers, to access new information and tools, share practical experiences and develop the types of leadership skills that translate knowledge into effective action. Participants are continually challenged to meet environmental goals with collaborative solutions that also reduce poverty and social conflict.
Summer course participants:

  • learn to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge and analyze trade-offs to solve global and local environmental problems;
  • explore innovative policies, technologies and institutions that promote sustainable livelihoods and environments;
  • strengthen skills in communication, collaborative leadership and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes;
  • experience cross-cultural and cross-sectoral learning from peers around the world; and
  • leverage the continuing UC Berkeley – ELP partnership to become more effective environmental leaders.

“The Beahrs ELP course has been an excellent opportunity to connect my experiences with other perspectives and practices from all over the world. After Berkeley, I really believe that the alternative for a more sustainable world is the promotion of a global network of local solutions, deeply linked between them. I also realize that the challenges about energy, food, conservation and biodiversity are not unattainable: I found in all the participants creativity, intelligence and the strength to discover real solutions.”

— Miguel Aparicio, Operação Amazônia Nativa, Brazil (Spain)

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