The Berkeley Experience

The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program is hosted by the Rausser College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, and has been taking place on UC Berkeley’s campus for over twenty years. Our university is consistently ranked as the world’s best program in environmental studies, and sits in the gorgeous California Bay Area. With the school’s close proximity to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Yosemite, and Muir Woods, participants arrive in the heart of California and have opportunities to visit some of these beautiful and historic sites.

All of our courses are taught by world-class UC Berkeley faculty and industry experts, including David Zilberman, recipient of the Wolf Prize in Agriculture, Dan Kammen, contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and David Ackerly, dean of Rausser College. Participants have the opportunity to learn from these experts directly, ask them questions, and even attend informal social events and office hours with them.

Participants also have the chance to meet and network with fellow environmental professionals from around the globe. These connections last long after the program itself ends, and many alumni have collaborated both with each other and with UC Berkeley experts. Alumni have also gone on to represent UC Berkeley and the Beahrs ELP at international conferences as keynote speakers, and some have come back to UC Berkeley as graduate students and visiting scholars. The Beahrs ELP is proud to say that three of our alumni have earned the Goldman Environmental Prize, in addition to other prestigious awards in their fields.

Beahrs ELP participants receive an official UC Berkeley certificate in Sustainable Environmental Management, as well as enhanced capacity to develop and apply solutions that balance environmental, economic, and social equity objectives, and strengthened skills for communicating ideas, managing conflict, facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, and leading social change. The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program is an investment in your future, and participants leave better leaders, motivated to enact change in their communities.

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