Who Should Attend

Over the last twenty years (2001-2022), the Beahrs Environmental Leaderhsip Program (Beahrs ELP) has graduated 755 leaders from over 114 countries. Our participants come from a wide range of environmental and sustainable development agencies and organizations, local to global, who share in common the goal to better understand and support sustainable human-environment interactions. We are committed to making this educational opportunity available to professionals from all backgrounds and areas of the world, regardless of their pre-existing resources.

After completing their formal education, professionals often have limited time to stay updated on the latest developments in science, technology, theory, modeling, and other areas beyond their expertise. At Beahrs ELP, mid-career professionals are offered the opportunity to "return to school" and learn from leading professors at UC Berkeley about the most current topics in the broader field of climate and sustainability.

ELP training will benefit environmental professionals from all fields and industries ready to take their careers to the next level through rigorous professional development training and cross-sectoral collaboration. The Beahrs ELP is ideal for people who want intense academic and professional training with world-renowned faculty at UC Berkeley but do not have the time for a full-time 2-year degree.

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  • A resum√© that demonstrates strong professional experience and leadership potential;
  • Affiliation with a department or organization concerned with environmental issues;
  • Proficiency in English to allow full participation in course discussions.


  • UC Berkeley certificate in Sustainable Environmental Management
  • Enhanced capacity to develop and apply solutions that balance environmental, economic, and social equity objectives.
  • Strengthened skills for communicating ideas, managing conflict, facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, and leading social change.
  • Lifetime membership in the global Berkeley ELP Alumni Network, eligibility for small grants and a continuing learning relationship with UC Berkeley.
  • A number of our alumni have partaken in collaborative projects with UC Berkeley experts

Where Our Alumni Are From

Map of the world with countries colored in ranging from white to dark blue based on the number of participants per country.  White is 0 participants, and dark blue is 41+. Most countries are somewhere in the middle, in the range of 1-30 or so.