Since 2001, the Beahrs ELP has been home to environmental and climate leaders from across the globe, in every sector and discipline. Our growing alumni network has 757 members from over 114 countries, including three Goldman Environmental Prize Winners. After attending the program, our alumni have used the skills and tools they gained from the training to go on to take leadership roles and increase their impact in their communities.

Alumni have included:

  • national park leadership
  • environmental legal council
  • educators and academics
  • development consultants
  • supply chain specialists
  • extension specialists
  • chief conservationists
  • communications and branding experts
  • water resource managers
  • environmental policy makers
  • ESG analysts
  • sustainability experts
  • green investment specialists

Participants have represented many organizations, including:

  • United Nations programs
  • World Bank
  • Private sector firms
  • Various ministries and government agencies
  • Research and academic institutions
  • NGOs
  • Food and Agriculture Organization
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Conservation organizations, such as Conservation International, World Wide Fund for Nature, and The Nature Conservation

Below you can meet some of our outstanding alumni and hear about their journey through the program accelerating their careers and expanding their impacts.

Recent Alumni


"The Beahrs ELP was a life changing event that has prepared me to lead the change that is required to promote sustainable environmental management and leadership nationally and globally." - Arthur R.M. Becker (2023 ELP)

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Collaboration with UC Berkeley Experts

A number of our alumni have partaken in collaborative projects with UC Berkeley experts; click here to learn more.