Our Mission

The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (Beahrs ELP) at UC Berkeley seeks to strengthen the capacities of new generations of environmental leaders around the world through access to state-of-the-art knowledge, and opportunities for peer learning, networking, and collaboration on a continuing basis. Beahrs ELP leaders are challenged to meet environmental and climate goals with collaborative and inclusive solutions that also support equity.

Our Vision

The Beahrs ELP leverages the unparalleled faculty of UC Berkeley’s Rausser College of Natural Resources and their network of leaders in industry and government to provide a stimulating environment for learning and innovation.

From its inception, a central tenet of the program has been to make the world-class education of UC Berkeley available to professionals from all backgrounds and areas of the world. Successfully solving pressing and complex environmental issues requires meaningful dialogue that incorporates diverse opinions. In our classroom, we replicate the real-life complexity by ensuring the diversity of our participants.

Participants in the Beahrs ELP can interact with experts and scholars across the campus, especially from Rausser’s interdisciplinary academic units (Agricultural and Resource Economics; the Energy and Resources Group; the Masters of Development Practice; Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; and Plant and Microbial Biology) on issues including, but not limited to, climate change, environmental policy and economics, energy, human health and safety, natural resources management, and biodiversity.

Our interactive sessions and skill-based workshops will expand participants’ networks, supplement career transitions, foster leadership, and develop their professional repertoire.