Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program Endowment 

The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program Endowment Fund supports scholarships for outstanding professionals. We are working toward our goal of supporting 50% of the cohort through endowment to ensure this opportunity remains globally accessible.

Malcolm H. Kerr Endowment

The Malcolm H. Kerr Endowment Fund supports scholarships for outstanding professionals from the Middle East and North Africa whose work focuses on the environment, natural resources, and peace building through environmental programs. 

The Fund is named in honor of Dr. Malcolm H. Kerr. Dr. Kerr was a prominent American scholar of the Middle East, who was assassinated at the American University of Beirut in 1984, during a spate of violence against prominent Americans. Before serving as university president in Beirut, he was a professor at UCLA and author of several renowned books on politics in the Arab world. Kerr is survived by his wife Ann and his four children Susan, John, Steve, and Andrew. The endowment was set up to support environmental professionals whose work will further the legacy of Dr. Kerr.


For inquiries and more information about how to give, please contact Mio Owens at