2022 Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program

We are excited to announce that we are taking the 2022 Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program online! We plan on having a hybrid program in 2023, but this year's program will be delivered remotely to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Last year's program was also delivered fully online, and was a great success, so we are excited to once again be able to welcome participants virtually to UC Berkeley.

The 2022 program will begin on June 2, and end on September 16, 2022. The program will be spread out across three months to allow you greater flexibility, so that you do not need to take three weeks out of your time. You now have the opportunity to learn from our world-class instructors and participate in cohort-building without having to leave the comfort of your home or disrupt your work schedule. Additionally, we hope to have even greater opportunities for long-term case studies and group projects, now that the program spans three months and is accessible to more people around the globe. To read more about the schedule, timing, and curriculum of the program, visit our Schedule page here.

At the end of the program, you will receive a UC Berkeley certificate in Sustainable Environmental Management, as well as lifetime membership in our global Berkeley ELP Alumni Network. If you qualify, you may also have the opportunity to participate in a future in-person program free of cost; read below under Free Participation in Future Programs for details. Click here to start your application.

Those who live outside of the United States will not have to worry about arranging for visas, housing, airfare, or insurance, making attendance in the program easier than ever before. The program fee is reduced to reflect the change in what is being included; for more information on the cost of the 2022 program, visit our Costs page.

For more information on refunds, payment methods, and withdrawal deadlines, please visit our Cancellation Policy page. If you have any questions not answered here, please read our FAQ.

2021 Participant Testimonials

"The experiences we shared during the program deepened my exposure to broader environmental issues and crucially, to view such issues in a more holistic manner, which I believe is the one of the highlights of Beahrs ELP that can seldom be found in similar course offerings elsewhere."
- Mekalia Paulos Aklilu, ELP 2021, UN Economic Commission for Africa, African Climate Policy Centre, Ethiopia

“I was lucky to have had the chance to participate in the ELP program on so many levels. This program is absolutely designed in the most suitable way to enrich your experience in your field while being trained on some leadership skills. The sessions were tailored in a very smooth way that takes you from one level to another. The instructors were very helpful and ready for discussion at all times. All of that was upheld while maintaining the best friendly atmosphere among the participants, and the convenience of being at home and work. No leave was needed from work and no time away from the family, especially in my case since I have kids.”
- Rasha Abu Dayyeh, ELP 2021, Water Treatment Specialist, Pharmacare PLC, Palestine

Free Participation in Future Programs

If you complete the 2022 Beahrs ELP in full, and pay the entire program fee in full (either by yourself or a supporting organization), you are also invited to participate in a future in-person/hybrid program at no cost, so long as you can arrange and cover your own lodging and meals during the in-person program. Restrictions apply:

  • Participants may choose to attend the in-person ELP in 2023, 2024, or 2025. Space is limited each year to a maximum of five such participants, and we will operate on a first-come-first-served basis. This includes participants from 2021 taking advantage of this opportunity.
  • Participants must let us know by January 10th of that year that they intend to participate in the program. At that time, they must provide us with a letter from their employer confirming that they will be able to be in Berkeley on those dates.
  • Participants are required to participate in the full program, including all in-person and online portions as may be applicable. Future programs are expected to take place partially online with two weeks in-person on campus.
  • Participants are only eligible for this if they paid 100% of the program fee, without using any scholarship from UC Berkeley.
  • The Beahrs ELP will not be involved whatsoever in participants’ arrangements for housing, meals, or travel (both international and domestic). The participant is fully responsible for making and paying for their own arrangements.
  • Non-US citizens must also provide either a valid US visa or proof that they have made an appointment with their local embassy to apply for a visa by the January 10th deadline.
  • Please note that external factors and situations may alter our plans in the years to come. For those considering this opportunity, we recommend trying to attend a program as soon as possible, and not waiting for 2025 if possible.

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