“This program is one of the leading sustainable environmental programs that provides you a perfect integration of various topics. The program facilitates people from different backgrounds with fundamental knowledge, then develops into advanced concepts by various ideas contributing from participants and guiding by program specialists. I have realized that my classmates are very competent and diverse. Experiences we shared and exchanged during the program helped me understand more about other sectors in a more holistic view. Apart from the knowledge that I gained, personal connections with people both classmates and the experts are an asset that will assist me in stepping into international collaboration.” - Kritsana Sontimanotham, 2019

“The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program is perhaps one of the only of its kind in the world that provides a platform for incredibly brilliant interactions and discussions on a variety of environmental issues that impact us today. The opportunity to learn from Nobel Laureates and experienced practitioners of the cohort is most certainly a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for many of the fellows. Lectures, coupled with in-depth analysis, case studies, and field visits provide great learning even for experienced leaders from around the world. The cohort that the organizers selected was extremely well thought-of and comprised decision makers, academicians, researchers, field practitioners, lawyers and policy makers. This is no mean achievement because it provides a platform for enhanced and holistic learning, something most of the leadership programs anywhere in the world struggle to provide. Thank you ELP staff, and many congratulations for yet another year of incredible success.” - Sreenath Subrahmanyam, 2019

“To be part of the Beahrs ELP 2018 programme has been a unique experience in which I gained a lot of knowledge and allowed me to build networking with other colleges around the world. Moreover, lectures like Agroecology, Conservation, and Preserving Parks reinforced my expertise in the subject. Likewise, courses such as Collaborative Leadership for Sustainable Change, Project Management Leadership, and Behavior Design give the essentials tools to apply to my work as a government officer. After the ELP I’m sure that I can make the difference in environmental management in my country with all the tools that the programme taught me.” - Sandra Choquesillo, 2018

“I am thankful and honored to have had the opportunity to participate in the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program 2018. With my participation in this course I am even more convinced that the way I have chosen for my education and future career is right. It has made me 'hungrier' to work with sustainable food production and environmental management in my future. I will return with experiences and personal stories that I will pass on to co-workers, fellow students, friends, and family, and hopefully affect them in a way that makes them aware of environmental issues and global struggles in that context so that they will be environmentally conscious in their future actions.” - Cinthya Helen, 2018

“The Beahrs ELP not only has deepened my understanding of worldwide conservation efforts but also gave me the opportunity to learn from professional environmentalists and exchange ideas with other peers who, through their own efforts, are committed to making this world a better place." - Dorje Jyal, 2018

“The program was very intensive. I am impressed by the huge amount and diversity of valuable information we could gather from lectures, field trips, and various exchanges during the three weeks at Berkeley. Several ready-to-use tools for self-knowledge, dealing with people, problem-solving, and negotiations are all very relevant and useful for my work, as well as my daily non-professional life.” - Lanto Andriamampianina, 2010

“The ELP training course is wonderful and especially valuable to those who have much practical experience but less professional training like me. I am opened up to a comprehensive picture in which I find my routine work in conservation interlinked with other related issues. The ELP helps me more clearly determine my career and gives me confidence and inspiration to develop and implement new projects.” -Mac Nga, 2005

“The summer course has been a very informative and stimulating experience for me. I want to stress that the diversity of the participants’ backgrounds has added to this course an outstanding element of cross-cultural and knowledge exchange that can seldom be found in any other international course. I think that this is a very unique and unrivaled course, and I have truly enjoyed every single moment of it.” - Sami Kamel, 2002

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